What should be colour choices for my app and website: color Marketing and Psyche

What color to choose for my app??

What color to choose for my app?? [picture courtesy: unsplash.com]

I have spent time wondering this question and thought maybe you too. Then I hit search and found, there is so much to understand and so much to know about colors other than of course liking them. For an instance, while I was writing this article I felt as if I am promoting or branding some colors (I am not). Trust me(or not and/or verify), if you go ahead and spend some time on colors research on it’s uses, it’s history and most importantly trends, you will be amazed to find out, how we are genetically programmed in so many years to tend to like some colors in particular, in general. If you dive deeper into the reasons you might feel voilà.

Building the sample space:

Now let’s look at these company logos:

Different company logos.

Different company logos.

If you tell me I am trying to be choosy to present my case, then fine look as these too:

popular share buttons

popular share buttons

Above are worlds popular share buttons inspired from the logos of their representative firms.

Some research and insights:

And now let’s look at these too:

Sky Forest and Sea.

Sky Forest and Sea.

Above are not logos; these are mere screenshots after searching for keywords Sky, Forest and Sea respectively.

Do you see a connection, yet? I am sure you feel something interesting out there or maybe you already know by now. Then let’s delve into something more interesting now.

A picture is worth a thousand words, is not a mere idiom, it is actually a scientific phenomenon. This great article (6 Powerful Psychological Effects That Explain How Our Brains Tick) on our tendencies of liking and disliking suggests that visual sense is strongest guide of our choices in life. And when we like something in appearance rest of our logic goes in attempting to gather more supporting facts and makes an innocent yet biased attempt to convince us for what we are already influenced by. Follow these great talks which suggest how we create reality around a fact:


Having said all that let’s see what our search trends suggest below is the color search trends in last 15 years worldwide i.e. since 2004. Below bars in chart represent Black, Red, Blue, Green and Yellow search from left to right. Please bear with the fact that the representation of color bars might be misleading and check the color names to map the color bar with actual color it is trying to depict.

Top color search trends

Top color search trends [Courtesy trends.google.com]

It shows somehow yellow search trend has radically reduced over the years. While other color Black, Red, Blue and Green show a continuous growth in search trends over the year hence their relative popularity has not changed.

How business’s do a psyche mapping when the design something:

Now let’s try to do a psyche mapping of these colors to see what it means in terms impact of these on people and when any particular color should be chosen or rather let’s say appropriateness of the color.

Color inspiration

Color inspiration [Courtesy medium.com]

Now we can relate color sentiments with the brands we had mentioned above. These inferences probably can be used to decide the color when you design your app/website.

Below is another great-find; it shows some brands and the color they choose.

Color Emotion Chart

Color Emotion Chart [Courtesy www.entrepreneur.com]

If you are perplexed upon choosing colors while targeting your app for any gender segment you can be guided by the color trend below.

Color targeting

Color targeting [Courtesy https://blog.kissmetrics.com]

Now last but not the least, this in an aha moment for you. Just scroll over the list in the  below given link. If it is not clear from the thumbnails check their logos by hitting a Google search.

Forbes powerful brands list

How can I get an app made?

This question was posted on Quora: https://www.quora.com/How-can-I-get-an-app-made

Below is my answer:

  1. Easiest(ask someone to do it for you and you watch the show) steps to follow:
    1) Contact a freelancer or firm(e.g. Reformeta Technology Labs (http://reformeta.in) or TapChief (https://www.tapchief.com/)) who can get your app built and tell him/her what you want ask for quotation and once you have plan and price, it should be followed by,
    2) Discussions on possibilities of improvement and ways of cutting down the cost and again followed by,
    3) Updated(more or lesser) cost after incorporating the changes and (this is optional if you choose the suggestions from step 2) and then discuss,
    4) Terms of service in terms of fixing the issues and further enhancements in terms of feature and scalability if you need in future.
    One catch here is usually firms are more stable in terms of their availability and chances of their vanishing away(as that might affect support for your app) is lesser. If you are least interested in wandering into the forest of app making technologies and just want to focus on your app (either for your business or hobby or whatever), you better choose this approach.
    Ease of development (maximum), Cost (depends on who is making and what is the offering), Enhancement and Maintenance (depends on the offering negotiation and freelancer/firm, typically it should be good)
  2. Lesser Easy(use ready to use lego-like tools and build it yourself, more independent than above approach) steps to follow:
    1) Define the problem clearly
    2) Build a sketch known as Wireframing (https://developer.android.com/training/design-navigation/wireframing.html)
    3) register yourself to one of the app making online tools e.g.
    Google App Maker (https://developers.google.com/appmaker/) , App Maker (https://www.appmakr.com)
    4) Follow the steps mentioned by their quick guides, this involves bit of understanding the system and also(important) testing the app.
    Ease of development (pretty easy), Cost (almost zero unless app internally uses some paid services), Enhancement and Maintenance (easy)
  3. Even lesser easy(use app making frameworks, better material designs, involves understanding the system a bit, more control than above steps) steps to follow:
    1) Define the problem clearly
    2) Build a sketch known as Wireframing (https://developer.android.com/training/design-navigation/wireframing.html)
    3) Use a app making platform e.g. Ionic Framework (https://ionicframework.com), PhoneGap (https://phonegap.com) , xamarin (https://www.xamarin.com)
    4) Follow the steps mentioned by their quick guides, this involves bit of understanding the system and also(important) testing the app.
    Ease of development (you need to learn a bit), Cost(depends on offerings of channel of development and/or paid services if app is using), Enhancement and Maintenance (depends on how good you proficient you have become on using the tool)
  4. Least Easy(do what you want, maximum control, you essentially became the one you were talking to in first approach “Easiest”):
    1) Define the problem clearly
    2) Build a sketch known as Wireframing (https://developer.android.com/training/design-navigation/wireframing.html)
    3) You need to decide upon the app backend(e.g. REST based service if necessary, either using Java, nodejs or any other technology) and frontend tool e.g. React, Angular etc
    4) If your app has security feature you also need to see how to engage security e.g. using Java Spring Security
    5) Test the app
    6) This approach shall be used only if you have any combination of reasons below.
    6.1) You do it as you love to do it
    6.2) You think no one can understand your need better than you can so you choose DIY
    6.3) You have time, patience and money(you may need money to buy some tools, services which app making firms and freelancers already have and they share the resource for apps they make for clients and offset the cost, in your case you shall bear it alone exclusively for your app)
    Ease of development (pro mode not easy unless you know programming), Cost(depends on tools and services used during development and paid services if any used by the app), Enhancement and Maintenance (if you know programming its all your game)

Great journey Steve Jobs

Known for Apple Inc and every impact Apple’s products and technologies had over people’s lives and IT business trend changes brought in by iPod, iPad, iPhone and everything around it.

He was co-founder, chairman, and CEO of Apple Inc.
Served as CEO of Pixar Animation Studios
Served as member of the board of directors of The Walt Disney Company in 2006, after the acquisition of Pixar by Disney.
Credited in Toy Story (1995) as an executive producer.

Born as Steven Paul Jobs on February 24, 1955 in San Francisco, California, U.S.
Died on October 5, 2011 (aged 56) Palo Alto, California, U.S.

when he started, it was
Steve Jobs -> Apple -> great and wonderful ideas -> amazed and happy consumers

later it turned out as
Steve Jobs -> Everything wonderful, amazing and great!

His every product launch event was highly awaited and everything he used to say, used to get applause. Those applause were for Steve Jobs for the perception he had over people’s mind. A perception formed in years.

There are not many products and devices who are as loved and awaited as iPhone,iPad,iPod and iMac and other Apple products and technologies. Steve was behind them since inception till perception. He will remain one man whom people used to think and will continue to think when they will talk about apple products. People loved him!

A self made man who had seen toughest and darkest sides of life and carrier and witnessed brightest sides of success and change. A man who will be known for the decisions he made, for the passion and determination he had to bring in the change he wanted to bring.

Great journey Steve

Diaspora Share Button for WordPress

Today I have added the diaspora share button to my blog today. 🙂

Though irony is, I am still waiting for the account promised by the cool n ambitious team by the end of October.

Though the buzz about Diaspora can’t be termed as viral, as it could be, given the claims/possibilities/potential of it replacing Facebook or other similar platforms. Yet, how so ever far they have come, is really commendable, specially when they say that some of the coolest things in facebook and google+ are inspired by diaspora.


I remember when these NYU folks put their revolutionary idea at Kickstarter. I really wanted something to happen in the near future and I wanted to be a part of it.

Its amazing to see how fat they have come. I am sure, some of us would have thought them a mere bunch of high-energy university geek kids inspiring other geek kids with not much of business vision or practicality in establishing it as social networking platform model. And now I must say I can see a good momentum around the echo-system it is building. Given the fact that it is growing in a model which generally grows popularity amongst the techies of universities and other geeks, I am not sure how soon it can be a channel where-in people would start using it as much part of their lives, as much as Facebook or twitter is now. They way diaspora is growing, it reminds me of college days when Linux used to be a buzz and we used to try-out things on it, and used to love everything about it more than Windows, yet we know Windows is still far more popular platform in commons. Having said all above, I would like to conclude with a note, that I am exited about it. And post is my tribute to that exitement.

You may want to try out adding the cool share-on-diaspora button. Follow the link below.


Diaspora home page: https://joindiaspora.com/
Diaspora blog: http://blog.joindiaspora.com
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Join-Diaspora/118635234836351

:-( My page hacked )-:

What you see now is “managed to survive” look of my hacked(some time back) page. On 14th august night (15th august early morning), when I opened What you see now is “managed to survive” look of my hacked page.

On 14th August night (15th August early morning), when I opened my page, found it hacked and some “Islamic revolution” (as it appeared on the page) flag was hosted on the front page. Brilliant!! It reminded me of my still not not revived page (http://web.iiit.ac.in/~harshavardhan/). BTW latest was also asking to download some executable for better viewing of some contents 😮 (really?). Well, good luck with revolution part guys!(in case you see this act as an serious attempt to spread word). And in case it is an hacking attempt just for fun, good luck with your learnings. And I am sorry! didn’t have much time to really know more and pay more attention to it. As I had to fix it to get it running.

After some investigation I found that my WordPress theme files are tampered. I made me bit disappointed as I had done some nice customizations. But anyways there is always a better scope of redesign once you are back in game. So here I go with my “managed to survive” look with a temporary look. Hope to come with a elegant appearance, soon!!!

15 August, Independence day

Flag of Indian Republic

Celebrating 65th independence day today and remembering about every last independece day I had seen since my school days;
in my school flag hosting by principal,
in dad’s office flag hosting by dad,
in college flag hosting by director,
in television by national leaders,
and few other places and few other people.

…remembering the time I used to look at the flag and the way I used to feel about it.
Back then I don’t know was it my innocence,
or a hope not touched by hard practical experiences and confrontations,
or a knowledge based on the beliefs of historical stories of the book,
or the heat of the moment.

I used to feel a rise in my heart beats, sometimes tears in eyes and pride in thoughts everytime, when everyone used to stand straight look at the flag, sing the anthem and few used to salute. I used to be one of them who used to salute.

Today I wish to feel the same way given every thing
…I had known since then,
…I had seen since then,
…I had learned since then,
…I had experienced since then,
…and all the bad which I had done and everyone of us had done,
…and all the good I had done and everyone of us had done,
…I think now I would need some more stronger reasons to feel that way .
…I need more such chapters in our books which talk about the pride of our nation, since after we had gotten Independence.

I want to feel that way again, every son and daughter of this nation wants to feel that way.
I have hopes in me, in you, and in our nation.

26 January, Republic Day

Flag of Indian Republic

There might be many problems in our county which we don’t like, we complaint about, we discuss, and we stand for them together.
…………..Then there are many goods things we cherish and appreciate and celebrate together.
There are many things we do for others and they don’t care about.
…………..Then there are thing which others do for us and we either don’t care or may be we stay unaware.
But whatever it is, it is “for us, of us and by us”, because we went republic on 26th January, 1950.
…………..I wish Happy Republic Day to our Republic Nation, to me, to you and to us.
Jai Hind

Why Google Is Awesome?

Because its the awesome google which shall make this post appear in search result of this question when you type it your search-box.

when I am typing this I don’t know when this page shall appear in top search results but it shall be soon. I wrote this post while reading some content over SEO, and after making some changes in my page.

Google is smart and powerful enough to find the closest answers to your questions and expects you to be somewhat precise in your purpose when you search. I can tell you some but then awesome google had done it for you. check tips and update finger tips.


PS: I can see THIS coming in top search results, as on October 17th, 2010 if you type in THIS in google search box.

Hello world!

harshachandra.orgHello world!

FINALLY my page is up and peeking through your viewing device.

Content I shall post, might appear here one fine day but they are something I might had thought over or written as careless scrap somewhere or written in my diary or discussed with friends or wondered about or pondered upon or read about or spend my thoughts and time in some way long time back and what you see are just the consequences. This is almost true with most of the things which happen around us, yet I felt like re-iterating it. Guess I took quite long to set up this forum but as I said FINALLY HELLO WORLD! :-). I had always wanted a nice forum to share views with you all. I have found it.

I will keep posting here and you keep posting your comments.I will keep posting here and you keep posting your comments.Let’s walk & crawl together over www.

Cheers! -Harsha