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I am a Computer Science graduate from IIIT Hyderabad. After graduation I have worked with CA (formerly Computer Associates) and then joined Adobe Systems. I had been a developer so far. I have worked upon many cool products(e.g. Adobe Illustrator), projects and problems. My primary development language platform had been C/C++ and other things kept changing like operating system platforms, primary development tools and other aids.

I have interest in data structure, algorithms, solving puzzles, system design, knowing current web technologies and services, trying out small web tool developments, current technology trends and things like them. I have mentioned some of them in Works and others are in my Resume

My profile is available @ linkedin || resume (google doc) || resume (pdf)

Follow me @ twitter || jaiku

I shall be be happy to reply you back, if you wish me to, just leave me a note.

have a nice day 🙂 – Harsha

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