:-( My page hacked )-:

What you see now is “managed to survive” look of my hacked(some time back) page. On 14th august night (15th august early morning), when I opened What you see now is “managed to survive” look of my hacked page.

On 14th August night (15th August early morning), when I opened my page, found it hacked and some “Islamic revolution” (as it appeared on the page) flag was hosted on the front page. Brilliant!! It reminded me of my still not not revived page (http://web.iiit.ac.in/~harshavardhan/). BTW latest was also asking to download some executable for better viewing of some contents 😮 (really?). Well, good luck with revolution part guys!(in case you see this act as an serious attempt to spread word). And in case it is an hacking attempt just for fun, good luck with your learnings. And I am sorry! didn’t have much time to really know more and pay more attention to it. As I had to fix it to get it running.

After some investigation I found that my WordPress theme files are tampered. I made me bit disappointed as I had done some nice customizations. But anyways there is always a better scope of redesign once you are back in game. So here I go with my “managed to survive” look with a temporary look. Hope to come with a elegant appearance, soon!!!

4 Replies to “:-( My page hacked )-:”

    1. @Tarun: seems it has already started being the way you predicted ;-). Nice to see your comment. How did you reach on this?

  1. if this was an attempt to secure 72 virgin, nothing could have ever was or will so futile 🙂
    btw time to learn 🙂


    1. and this also makes me wonder that had they been successful in securing a deserving position, how the supply of 72 of that kind could have been met!!! 😮 isn’t it too optimistic proposal to be met, seeing the current society? seems they also get prepare wrong certificates in heaven, now we need Anna Hazare in heaven too 😛

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