15 August, Independence day

Flag of Indian Republic

Celebrating 65th independence day today and remembering about every last independece day I had seen since my school days;
in my school flag hosting by principal,
in dad’s office flag hosting by dad,
in college flag hosting by director,
in television by national leaders,
and few other places and few other people.

…remembering the time I used to look at the flag and the way I used to feel about it.
Back then I don’t know was it my innocence,
or a hope not touched by hard practical experiences and confrontations,
or a knowledge based on the beliefs of historical stories of the book,
or the heat of the moment.

I used to feel a rise in my heart beats, sometimes tears in eyes and pride in thoughts everytime, when everyone used to stand straight look at the flag, sing the anthem and few used to salute. I used to be one of them who used to salute.

Today I wish to feel the same way given every thing
…I had known since then,
…I had seen since then,
…I had learned since then,
…I had experienced since then,
…and all the bad which I had done and everyone of us had done,
…and all the good I had done and everyone of us had done,
…I think now I would need some more stronger reasons to feel that way .
…I need more such chapters in our books which talk about the pride of our nation, since after we had gotten Independence.

I want to feel that way again, every son and daughter of this nation wants to feel that way.
I have hopes in me, in you, and in our nation.

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