Diaspora Share Button for WordPress

Today I have added the diaspora share button to my blog today. 🙂

Though irony is, I am still waiting for the account promised by the cool n ambitious team by the end of October.Though the buzz about Diaspora can’t be termed as viral, as it could be, given the claims/possibilities/potential of it replacing Facebook or other similar platforms. Yet, how so ever far they have come, is really commendable, specially when they say that some of the coolest things in facebook and google+ are inspired by diaspora.


I remember when these NYU folks put their revolutionary idea at Kickstarter. I really wanted something to happen in the near future and I wanted to be a part of it.

Its amazing to see how fat they have come. I am sure, some of us would have thought them a mere bunch of high-energy university geek kids inspiring other geek kids with not much of business vision or practicality in establishing it as social networking platform model. And now I must say I can see a good momentum around the echo-system it is building. Given the fact that it is growing in a model which generally grows popularity amongst the techies of universities and other geeks, I am not sure how soon it can be a channel where-in people would start using it as much part of their lives, as much as Facebook or twitter is now. They way diaspora is growing, it reminds me of college days when Linux used to be a buzz and we used to try-out things on it, and used to love everything about it more than Windows, yet we know Windows is still far more popular platform in commons. Having said all above, I would like to conclude with a note, that I am exited about it. And post is my tribute to that exitement.

You may want to try out adding the cool share-on-diaspora button. Follow the link below.


Diaspora home page: https://joindiaspora.com/
Diaspora blog: http://blog.joindiaspora.com
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Join-Diaspora/118635234836351

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There is one big problem with the diaspora share button, it only works for joindiaspora.com. I have an account at http://wk3.org/ and would love to be able to share such content as well.

Maybe you can ask for the complete username when the user clicks the button. Then the user has to type i.e. “mr-x@wk3.org” and you know the diaspora server.


Hi guys,
Just wanted to let your know that I made a Diaspora Share Button that works for every pod. You can check / download / fork it here : http://simou.net/dsbsite .
I hope this will be useful for the Diaspora’s community.


Vitalie Ciubotaru

The problem of sharing to different pods has been long addressed and solved. Have a look at http://wordpress.org/plugins/share-on-diaspora .