Microsoft acquiring Github; the cat going inside the window


Once a Cat walked inside a Window; owners said now it will grow on the skills of catching mice… and village surrounding the house will be stronger!!!

Cat Inside a Window

Github Logo Microsoft Logo

The announcement:

Satya Nadella announced:
Microsoft + GitHub = Empowering Developers


Github acquisition; One of the milestone acquisition of the history and industry, I feel.

Millions have crossed the teenage and adulthood with Github. We honed new skills and world’s most important source code bases grew stronger with Github. Geeks from different parts of the world met here to do wonders. Github become geek’s social hangout page and their pride geeky identity. Code URL are remembered as relative path after It has become a de facto of Open Source code developers and was a joyfully accepted synonym for code repository.

Lets see if this acquisition is win-win for everyone (Millions of developers, Third party tool developers, Github founders and Microsoft) or a subset of them? Fingers crossed!

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