Recursive quest of robots

Today I stumbled across and article on techcrunch .

Anki is doing some cool innovation and working on home robots, they named it Vector. Vector is supposed to reach closer on the parameters of “Human Like” experience scale. They aren’t using Alexa or Google Assistant, instead used some third party knowledge graph to build the embedded interactive technology. Interface looks pretty cool though on the aesthetic design.

#Not-TL-DR fiction

However this article delved me into a thought; what if we are super advanced robots ourselves created by a species(which also had many ideas about it’s inception like us). And at some stage technology enabled them to create something which can reproduce and grow using the available resources and continue to improve the embedded AI and pass on using genetic configuration strings. What if this is all recursive? And continuous exploitation of resources leads the change of planets and may be the gas we should breath accordingly. Somehow this doesn’t appear an crazy idea to me.