What should be colour choices for my app and website: color Marketing and Psyche

I have spent time wondering this question and thought maybe you too. Then I hit search and found, there is so much to understand and so much to know about colors other than of course liking them. For an instance, while I was writing this article I felt as if I am promoting or branding some colors (I am not). Trust me(or not and/or verify), if you go ahead and spend some time on colors research on it’s uses, it’s history and most importantly trends, you will be amazed to find out, how we are genetically programmed in so many years to tend to like some colors in particular, in general. If you dive deeper into the reasons you might feel voilà.

What color to choose for my app??
What color to choose for my app?? [picture courtesy: unsplash.com]

Building the sample space:

Now let’s look at these company logos:

Different company logos.
Different company logos.

If you tell me I am trying to be choosy to present my case, then fine look as these too:

popular share buttons
popular share buttons

Above are worlds popular share buttons inspired from the logos of their representative firms.

Some research and insights:

And now let’s look at these too:

Sky Forest and Sea.
Sky Forest and Sea.

Above are not logos; these are mere screenshots after searching for keywords Sky, Forest and Sea respectively.

Do you see a connection, yet? I am sure you feel something interesting out there or maybe you already know by now. Then let’s delve into something more interesting now.

A picture is worth a thousand words, is not a mere idiom, it is actually a scientific phenomenon. This great article (6 Powerful Psychological Effects That Explain How Our Brains Tick) on our tendencies of liking and disliking suggests that visual sense is strongest guide of our choices in life. And when we like something in appearance rest of our logic goes in attempting to gather more supporting facts and makes an innocent yet biased attempt to convince us for what we are already influenced by. Follow these great talks which suggest how we create reality around a fact:


Having said all that let’s see what our search trends suggest below is the color search trends in last 15 years worldwide i.e. since 2004. Below bars in chart represent Black, Red, Blue, Green and Yellow search from left to right. Please bear with the fact that the representation of color bars might be misleading and check the color names to map the color bar with actual color it is trying to depict.

Top color search trends
Top color search trends [Courtesy trends.google.com]
It shows somehow yellow search trend has radically reduced over the years. While other color Black, Red, Blue and Green show a continuous growth in search trends over the year hence their relative popularity has not changed.

How business’s do a psyche mapping when the design something:

Now let’s try to do a psyche mapping of these colors to see what it means in terms impact of these on people and when any particular color should be chosen or rather let’s say appropriateness of the color.

Color inspiration
Color inspiration [Courtesy medium.com]
Now we can relate color sentiments with the brands we had mentioned above. These inferences probably can be used to decide the color when you design your app/website.

Below is another great-find; it shows some brands and the color they choose.

Color Emotion Chart
Color Emotion Chart [Courtesy www.entrepreneur.com]
If you are perplexed upon choosing colors while targeting your app for any gender segment you can be guided by the color trend below.

Color targeting
Color targeting [Courtesy https://blog.kissmetrics.com]
Now last but not the least, this in an aha moment for you. Just scroll over the list in the  below given link. If it is not clear from the thumbnails check their logos by hitting a Google search.

Forbes powerful brands list