This is not about popular unix shell command whoami its about me : this description was causing human brain stack overflow, so here we go…

I (you can call me Harsha, thats my first name) am born in Varanasi and brought up at many places but mostly Varanasi till my school days then spent my graduation days at Barielly and post-graduation at Hyderabad. I have done my graduation and post-graduation in Computer Science. From and after campus I got job as a software developer @ CA and I was a software developer @ Adobe by profession at-least till I was writing this note. Things keep changing and there is lot about my where beings, school days, college days, friends, people, experiences, learning, likings, hobbies etc etc etc and most importantly my current status. a real big live tag cloud isn’t it?

In general I have found data mining, data abstraction, data specialization, data structure and algorithms are interesting problems which I am trying to solve form my childhood in various ways and using various means, well non-technically saying those problems are what I want to know, why I want to know, how to tell, when to tell and some more what, when, how, where things… so to fix this problem in this context of whoami I have decided upon two broad classifications

1. Professional || 2. Personal

this is ABOUT ME TAG CLOUD – I was telling you problems right!!!! 🙂

Cheers! – Harsha


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