15 August, Independence day

Flag of Indian Republic

Celebrating 65th independence day today and remembering about every last independece day I had seen since my school days;
in my school flag hosting by principal,
in dad’s office flag hosting by dad,
in college flag hosting by director,
in television by national leaders,
and few other places and few other people.

…remembering the time I used to look at the flag and the way I used to feel about it.
Back then I don’t know was it my innocence,
or a hope not touched by hard practical experiences and confrontations,
or a knowledge based on the beliefs of historical stories of the book,
or the heat of the moment.

I used to feel a rise in my heart beats, sometimes tears in eyes and pride in thoughts everytime, when everyone used to stand straight look at the flag, sing the anthem and few used to salute. I used to be one of them who used to salute.

Today I wish to feel the same way given every thing
…I had known since then,
…I had seen since then,
…I had learned since then,
…I had experienced since then,
…and all the bad which I had done and everyone of us had done,
…and all the good I had done and everyone of us had done,
…I think now I would need some more stronger reasons to feel that way .
…I need more such chapters in our books which talk about the pride of our nation, since after we had gotten Independence.

I want to feel that way again, every son and daughter of this nation wants to feel that way.
I have hopes in me, in you, and in our nation.

26 January, Republic Day

Flag of Indian Republic

There might be many problems in our county which we don’t like, we complaint about, we discuss, and we stand for them together.
…………..Then there are many goods things we cherish and appreciate and celebrate together.
There are many things we do for others and they don’t care about.
…………..Then there are thing which others do for us and we either don’t care or may be we stay unaware.
But whatever it is, it is “for us, of us and by us”, because we went republic on 26th January, 1950.
…………..I wish Happy Republic Day to our Republic Nation, to me, to you and to us.
Jai Hind

Why Google Is Awesome?

Because its the awesome google which shall make this post appear in search result of this question when you type it your search-box.

when I am typing this I don’t know when this page shall appear in top search results but it shall be soon. I wrote this post while reading some content over SEO, and after making some changes in my page.

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Hello world!

harshachandra.orgHello world!

FINALLY my page is up and peeking through your viewing device.

Content I shall post, might appear here one fine day but they are something I might had thought over or written as careless scrap somewhere or written in my diary or discussed with friends or wondered about or pondered upon or read about or spend my thoughts and time in some way long time back and what you see are just the consequences. This is almost true with most of the things which happen around us, yet I felt like re-iterating it. Guess I took quite long to set up this forum but as I said FINALLY HELLO WORLD! :-). I had always wanted a nice forum to share views with you all. I have found it.

I will keep posting here and you keep posting your comments.I will keep posting here and you keep posting your comments.Let’s walk & crawl together over www.

Cheers! -Harsha